For a glass of ice at Magic Ice Bar

For a glass of ice at Magic Ice Bar

All dressed in ice, get ready for Oslo's Magic Ice Bar.

With its frosty concept, Magic Ice Bar will cool you off. Enter the ice-cap-like cold room, in which everything is carved in huge ice blocks, from the beach seats of the bar to the glasses. This ephemeral world is being reshaped several times a year by world-famous sculptors, playing with light effects in the blue transparency of frozen statues, as if preserved in ice until the end of times.
After paying the entrance fee, a hostess will accommodate you with a warm poncho and a pair of gloves, which you will gladly agree to since the temperature is set at 5°C in this enchanting decor. Sculptures of men and women stuck in ice will keep you company.
As you reach for a glass, the barman will explain the concept of the Ice Bar. Cocktail in hand, you will then make your way to the crystal-like throne in the middle of the room and meet with regulars and newcomers alike.

Magic Ice Bar
Kristian IVs gate 12
0164 Oslo

+47 920 31 300

Drinks: around 225 NOK (including entrance fee + one drink + rental of a poncho and a pair of gloves)