Flavours of the sea at Madec

Flavours of the sea at Madec

In summer, Prat-Ar-Coum is the best place in Madec territory to have oysters.

Since 1898, the Madec family has ruled the oyster beds of Prat-Ar-Coum, making this corner of Brittany a benchmark for oyster lovers. It is possible to shop here, but there is also a small restaurant nestled in what was the home of the foreman. This is the place to try Prat-Ar-Coum oysters, lobsters, and crayfish directly from the banks of the Aber Benoît. In the wine cellar, you will find a large selection of reds, whites and rosés (from the Loire, Alsace, Bourgogne, Provence and Champagne regions) to pair with your selection.

The heated terrace overlooks the ponds and oyster beds. This Finistère view is especially stunning when the sun sets. Inside, the ambience is laid back and maritime, with teak furniture and wood siding. The restaurant is seasonal (from 1 July to 31 August only) and booking is highly recommended.

Restaurant Prat-Ar-Coum
Lieu-dit Prat Ar Coum
29870 Lannilis

+33 (0)2 98 04 00 12


Menu: around 35 EUR