Fjord, fresh and seasonal fish in the spotlight

Fjord, fresh and seasonal fish in the spotlight

Exquisite Norwegian cuisine in a place loaded with character.

Go through the door of this trendy Oslo restaurant to enjoy delicious fish and other dishes cooked with masterful Norwegian expertise. The plates are beautifully prepared, and ingredients cleverly combined for discovering the flavours of Norwegian cuisine through three to five dish menus, as you wish.

The menus change regularly, according to the seasons and the inspirations of the team. The associations orchestrated by the chef, such as trout with horseradish, halibut with cherry, or passion fruit and cinnamon for dessert, reveal true originality.

The portions are small, but the food is excellent! The walls, illuminated in blue, give the restaurant a surprisingly warm and friendly glow. The wine list offers an excellent selection of European wines, with a showcase of French vineyards. Located a few steps only from the National Museum, this is the ideal spot for organising a cultural afternoon followed by a gourmet evening!

Restaurant Fjord
Kristian Augusts Gate 11
0164 Oslo

+47 229 82 150

Menu: around 500 NOK