Fashionable surfing

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Fashionable surfing

Popular destinations for surfers, Tahiti and its sister island Moorea have many great surfing spots, especially at Teahupoo village.

Teahupoo on the southwestern coast of the Tahitian peninsula is one of the world's best surf spots. The waves are huge and impressive. They form when the ocean comes up against the reef, generating huge and fearsome tubes. The danger lies in the coral reef just below the mountain of water. Daredevils soar on their board, which seem so fragile against the powerful waves. The famous American freesurfer, Laird Hamilton, challenged a 15-metre-high wall of water here in 2000!

The legend is forever engraved with this image. And every August, the Billabong Pro, a world championship surfing event, feeds the myth of Teahupoo.

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