Estádio do Dragão, to enjoy a football game

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Estádio do Dragão, to enjoy a football game

You will find all the city's portistas - FC Porto supporters - gathered at the Estádio do Dragão.

On the edge of town, this architectural monument is home to the Futebol Clube do Porto, a.k.a. FC Porto. The city emblem plays the premier league and won the national championship no less than 15 times! Portuenses are known to be portistas, faithful supporters of their team. Should you need proof of the assertion, you need to realise that the stadium may welcome up to 50,000 people, almost a quarter of the city's population!
If you happen to love football and crave for a game, just go for the extraordinary atmosphere that prevails in the Estádio do Dragão, christened after the players' 'dragons' nickname. Moreover, the building was awarded the 'Greenlight' European certificate, for parsimonious use of energy sources and lighting on the premises. On your way out, keep an eye out for you may cross paths with some of Portugal's greatest football players.

Dragons Stadium (Estádio do Dragão)
Via Futebol Clube do Porto
4350-415 Porto

+351 22 507 0500