Egg Shop, an egg-cellent address

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Egg Shop, an egg-cellent address

A charming, very New York place for either lunch or dinner.

Take a sweet break on the Lower East Side – the former neighbourhood that Al Capone and Johnny Torrio once made famous – at Egg Shop on Elizabeth Street, just south of Kenmare. Cosy decoration includes school chairs covered in green fabric, light wood tables, huge mirrors, and a giant chalkboard with the day's specials. As the name suggests, the restaurant pays tribute to the egg, organic of course, served poached in a salad with rocket, avocado, carrot, quinoa and miso dressing, with rice noodles in coconut milk and green curry served with broccoli and cashew nuts, or in a burrito stuffed with whites, avocado and feta cheese. The very friendly atmosphere adds to the enchanting charm of this popular hangout.

Egg Shop
151 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10012

+1 646 666 0810

Menu: around 30 USD