Eating seafood and shellfish on Lamma Island

Eating seafood and shellfish on Lamma Island

Be sure to eat fish from the South China Sea.

What to eat after a swim or a hike on Lamma Island? Seafood and fish, of course. Choose your meal from the large aquariums in the restaurants on stilts at Yung Shue Wan port on the west coast. Freshness is guaranteed. Lobsters, clams, bass, and groupers are available in abundance, and you pay by weight.

Your taste buds will not resist steamed scallops and razor clams topped with finely chopped garlic and ginger. Let yourself be tempted by fried oysters or shrimp cooked in rice wine. At Lamma, seafood and fish are prepared numerous ways: sautéed, steamed, baked, raw, sliced, diced…

And for a unique experience, try lobster gratin topped with cheese, a classic hit in Cantonese cuisine.

Menu: around 170 HKD