Eastern treats Algerian style

Eastern treats Algerian style

If you want to give in to sweet eastern treats, head in for L'Algéroise bakery.

In Algiers, L'Algéroise is an institution, known for honey-based eastern treats which generously mix almond paste, orange blossom, pistachio and walnut. The owner El Hadj is an enthusiast pastry chef who has prepared kalb el louz, dziriettes, qnidletes and sfihetes since 1964, according to the craft of the greatest in his backshop filled with ancient copper pots.
Difficult to make up your mind between all those treats lined in the bakery: they are all so mouth-watering! Looking at the faithful clientele forming a line down to the pavement, they keep their promises. Indeniably, one of the best bakeries in Algiers.

L'Algéroise bakery
27, rue Ahmed Chaïb (ex-Tanger)
16000 Algiers

+213 21 73 72 66