Dive to discover the wonders of the seabed

submarine exploration
Dive to discover the wonders of the seabed

Southern Corsica is full of wonders, including those beneath the sea, where both experienced and novice divers can enjoy unforgettable moments.

Drift away as you explore the treasures of these wonderful watery depths, where easily accessible shipwrecks will transport you to another spectral, dreamlike world.

Between the silence of the sea, the sunlight that pierces the water's surface, and the hulk of the warship around you, this is a moment you will not soon forget. One of the best-known wrecks, the Pinella – a cement freighter – struck a reef one Christmas night and sank 11 metres down into the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio. It is an impressive site that has become a paradise for fish, and it is accessible right from your first dive.

Between Corsica and Sardinia, the Strait of Bonifacio natural reserve is over 80,000 hectares in size, making it the largest natural site in France. This magical place affords protection to a particularly abundant biodiversity – if you are lucky, you may just catch sight of a dolphin or sea turtle!

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