Dinings SW3: delicacies from elsewhere

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Dinings SW3: delicacies from elsewhere

The heritage of Japanese cuisine with added European touches, Dinings SW3 showcases Japanese gastronomy and offers a unique culinary experience.

Throughout the seasons, you will taste the subtle refinement of Japanese dishes served at Dinings SW3. The establishment aims to revisit traditional Japanese cuisine, drawing inspiration from European techniques and trends. A lovely fusion celebrated on Walton Street for a decade!

Light-coloured tiles, wooden tables, a bright counter… let the sophisticated and warm world of this izakaya (which is to Japan what a bistro or wine bar is to France, a pub to England or a tapas bar to Spain) transport you. Start with some appetizers: how about a vodka tonic infused with apple and cinnamon? Carry on your meal in good manners of mood and gastronomy: Scottish salmon with miso, braised cabbage with fresh truffle, open sushi rolls of foie gras and freshwater eel, Cornish crab meat with crispy onions and the like… Delights from everywhere in the heart of London.

Dinings SW3
Walton House
Lennox Gardens Mews
Walton Street
London SW3 2JH

+44 (0)20 7723 0666


Menu: from 20 GBP