Dar Hassan Pacha, Palace of the dey

Dar Hassan Pacha, Palace of the dey

Restored for “Algiers, Arab Capital of Culture” in 2007, this must-see has been transformed into the National Museum of Illumination, Miniature and Calligraphy.

In the heart of the casbah, come and daydream in this palace adjoining the Dar El Souf in the Frères Mecheri street. It was built in the 18th century by dey Hassan Pacha who usually came in on Thursday afternoons and only came out for Friday prayer.
Enter through the main gate, decorated with bronze nails and topped with a beautifully sculpted cedar wood canopy. All other doors are made in the same wood. Walls are dressed with more than 500,000 italian and dutch faience tiles, most of them coming from Delft in Netherland.
You walk to the patio through a sqifa (entrance) adorned with marble benches, then climb upstairs. You will then easily imagine how refined one of the city's most beautiful houses was conceived. First a private palace, Dar Hassan Pacha housed several administrative departments before it became a hosting place for beautiful illuminated and calligraphed items.

Dar Hassan Pacha
Rue Aoua Abdelkader
16100 Algiers

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