Couscous in Algiers

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Couscous in Algiers

La Maison du Couscous honours the most popular dish of all Maghreb.

The delicious characteristic smell of traditional couscous is one of the best promises of a travel to Algiers. However, finding a restaurant where to taste the flavours of this Berber dish, skilful mixture of semolina or barley with vegetables and meat, is harder than one might think. Its popularity is misguiding. In Algiers as in the rest of the country, couscous if a festive dish meant to be shared at family gatherings.
La Maison du couscous is therefore a valued and affordable restaurant for people visiting “Algiers the White”. It is located close to the lively Didouche Mourad street, and a few steps from the Cathédrale du
Sacré-Cœur d'Alger. In this lovely place of berber atmosphere where a Khaïma tent is set, couscous is excellent, and according to the custom, extended with a delectable mint tea.

La Maison du Couscous
5, rue Salah Rasdi (formerly Ernest Zeys street)
16000 Algiers

+213 21 64 01 17

Menu: around 1,500 DZD