Chez Fifi: better than at home

Chez Fifi: better than at home

A friendly place that exudes simplicity and good food.

You can read it right under the banner of this new address in the antiques district: 'home cooking and a little more'. It is this addition that makes all the difference, as it is the hand of 'Fifi', the boss, a former chef at many starred restaurants, who has laid down his hat in the capital of French gastronomy. You will surely appreciate this simple and delicate cuisine, served with smiles and kindness. The chef shows you what real market cuisine is, as the menu changes daily; the aromas wafting from the kitchen will make your mouth water. The dishes will keep you lingering at the table for the pleasure of savouring all at a gentle pace: king prawns on avocado guacamole in yuzu juice, sea bass and potato mash in sour seaweed butter, everything hits the right note. Do not give it another thought, just come and enjoy a moment of shared pleasures.

Chez Fifi
17, rue Croix Baragnon
31000 Toulouse

+33 (0)5 61 53 34 24

Menu: around 50 EUR