Champagne Bar at the Sankara, classy!

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Champagne Bar at the Sankara, classy!

Opt for a succulent dinner followed by a glass on the seventh floor terrace.

On the 7th floor of the five-star Sankara hotel in Westlands, the Champagne Bar welcomes you in a cosy setting with wood panelling and furniture designed by Marc van Rampelberg.
In this cocoon, with gold and ebony hues echoing the carefully selected bottles, enjoy the exceptional Krug or Taittinger champagnes, champagne cocktails or single malt whiskeys. You can have your pick, all in moderation of course.
Comfortably seated in front of the large bay window, enjoy the breathtaking view for an elegant pause. Orchestrated with similar refinement, your dinner at the Artisan Restaurant will prepare you for a nightcap. Its cuisine, light and of high quality, promises all the flavours of Africa. To continue your evening after 1 am, walk over to the Sarabi Pool & Supper Club, with its stunning rooftop terrace and bar under the open sky.

Woodvale Grove

+254 20 420 8000

Menu: around 1,200 KES