Casa da Música, all for music!

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Casa da Música, all for music!

The Casa da Música was designed by Dutch architect and Pritzker award winner Rem Koolhaas as a structure devoted entirely to music.

The inception of the project goes back to 1999, when Porto was about to become the European Capital of Culture (in 2001). Today, Casa da Música clashes with the rest of the city's more traditional architecture. Located only a few minutes from the historical centre in the Boavista district, this “House of Music” quickly became a symbol of the modern side of Porto.
To discover this concrete, aluminium and glass construct, visits are organised all year long. First devised as a small villa, Rem Koolhaas' project morphed into a unique cultural centre of nearly 38,000 sqm. A captivating guide will tell you about the building's singular architecture and the various forms of music as well. Symphony concerts, jazz gigs and clubbing nights all coexist here. And if you are a little bit hungry, Casa da Música houses an excellent restaurant, open for lunch and dinner. Of course, you will also be able to listen to some music there.

Casa da Música
Avenida da Boavista 604-610
4149-071 Porto

+351 22 012 0220