Capanna: the Italian trattoria the Greeks are proud of

Capanna: the Italian trattoria the Greeks are proud of

If you ask an Athenian for their best addresses, the chances are they will recommend this pasta and pizza restaurant.

Moussaka instead of lasagna? No! If the Athenians are proud of this trattoria in the Kolonáki neighbourhood, it is not only because its pastas and pizzas are excellent. It was designed by the firm K-Studio, a group of young architects whose recognition today extends beyond Greek borders.

They embody the Greek revival. Here, the owners mix tradition and modernity. On the walls there are ceramic tiles, on the ceiling, mobiles that look like flying saucers, and, on the mezzanine, barn-like louver shutters. Sit at one of the tables and order, according to your appetite, a Milanese risotto (as a nod to the city where the chef worked for several years), a regina pizza, or gnocchi gorgonzola. Pricing is slightly higher than your average Greek restaurant, but servings are copious. Most importantly, from the pizza dough to the layers of lasagna, everything is fresh and homemade. Another point of national pride!

Ploutarchou 38 & Charitos 42
106 76 Athens

+30 210 724 1777

Menu: around 21 EUR