Caffe Reggio, the most Italian of New York cafes

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Caffe Reggio, the most Italian of New York cafes

Caffe Reggio offers lovers of the brewed drink a colourful experience since 1927!

Manhattan has always proven to be fertile for Italian culture and this hotspot of Greenwich Village has been used as a movie location on multiple counts (from The Godfather, Part 2 to Inside Llewyn Davis for instance) for its typically European charm. It is the missing link between transalpine culture and industrial modernity inherited from a New York architecture fashionable in the 1920s. In the dining room, an original espresso machine from 1902 is on display, as well as decoration items salvaged from the set of the movie Casablanca, Caravaggisti paintings and even a Florentine bench that belonged to the Medici.

This intimate setting will put you in the mood to best enjoy all sorts of lungos, cappuccinos and various other hot drinks, served with pastries that have to be tried to be believed: the tiramisu and the chocolate cake are not to be missed. Reggio also serves some savoury meals, from breakfast to dinner, and offers an Italian wine list to make you forget about modern America just at the door.

Caffe Reggio
119 Macdougal Street
10012 New York

+1 212 475 9557

Menu: from 9.75 USD