Bogotá Beer Company, for hops lovers

Bogotá Beer Company, for hops lovers

Beer lovers will relish the micro-brewed draught beers that change with the seasons.

Colombians love beer, all beers, from the popular Aguila to Club Colombia, which has more taste.

Bogotá Beer Company is one of the few microbreweries in town. With an English pub atmosphere and a young and trendy clientele, the company has 12 addresses in the capital, but the best is the one in the Zona Rosa. It produces eight beers, including Candelaria Clasica, with a light English-style, and Tenquendama Negra, which is close to Guinness, as well as an ale and a lager, served in all the trendy pubs in Bogotá.

For those who may doubt, the little glass bottle no longer just accompanies pizza, but is drunk with ceviche. Because the foam is refined and the aromatic subtleties go beyond the simple division of lager vs. ale, enjoy the wide range of tropical fruits that bloom here. The Bogotá Beer Company has become an institution with a Colombian accent.

Bogotá Beer Company
Carrera 12 # 83-33, Zona Rosa

+57 (1) 742 9292

Menu: around 18,000 COP