Bistro Menil: European-inspired

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Bistro Menil: European-inspired

The Bistro Menil welcomes you at any time of day to enjoy bistro cuisine inspired by chef Greg Martin's travels in France, Italy and Spain.

European bistro cuisine is revisited with taste, elegance and, above all, an unfailing love for quality products. Just steps from the Menil Collection - the famous Museum of Contemporary Art - this 2.0 bistro plays on design. Without ostentation, the decor is refined, the concrete floors contrasting with the plain wooden tables, and white and anthracite grey tones.

On the menu, you will be spoiled for choice: appetizers, pizzas, quiches, salads, risottos or, more surprisingly, cassoulet - all gluten-free. The wines offered à la carte were all selected by the chef during his travels in California, Argentina and Europe. As for the beers, they are obviously craft brewed from Houston or Austin. Feel free to come during Happy Hour, after visiting the museum. The chef offers a selection of tapas (grilled eggplant, fried squid or Serrano ham), accompanied by a glass of wine or a cocktail.

Bistro Menil
1513 West Alabama Street
77006 Houston

+1 713 904 3537

Menu: around 25 USD