Better than Manhattan, discover Hong Kong by helicopter

Better than Manhattan, discover Hong Kong by helicopter

Travel from skyscrapers to pristine beaches, and make a quick trip to Macau, too.

Take off from the 30th floor of the Peninsula Hotel, whether you are a hotel guest or not. Heliservices and Peninsula are sister companies who partnered on this business venture. Face-to-face with the surrounding skyscrapers, you will find yourself standing almost on equal footing with them and feel an incredible emotion. And do not tell the pilot that only Manhattan in New York offers the same rapturous experience. He will tell you that the U.S. authorities have introduced much stricter overview standards.

In Hong Kong, you can get up close to the skyscrapers, including the tallest tower, the International Trade Centre (ICC) and its 118 floors. And you will find that the territory is not just a bustling city but also the countryside, mountains, and deserted beaches.

Yet, curiously, the city is gradually chipping away at the mountains, especially that of Victoria Peak. It is as if the prestigious estates on its flanks want to climb to the top…

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