Beefbar or the art of meat

Beefbar or the art of meat

The hotspot for meat lovers, but not only. Delicately crafted, each dish holds the promise of a dream.

In the midst of Paris' golden triangle, Beefbar has set up home in the former Fermette Marbeuf. Vermillion and green tones are boosted by gold finishes on the ceiling, offering patrons an enchanting experience when entering the main dining room. On the menu, you will find nothing but the best meat, cooked in every way possible: raw, grilled, fried, minced, in tagliata, skewered, in ravioli or in teppanyaki. As is the case with Parisian master butchers, the meat cellar holds many treasures: limousine beef from Auvergne, Black Angus, Wagyu and Kobe Royal. Beef is indubitably the star, served in tartare, carpaccio, burger, tataki, nem or street food creations like tacos, among other variations. Sides include eight different homemade purées and delicious truffle or Parmesan French fries. The chestnut variation on the traditional soufflé will end this unique experience on a high note.

5 rue Marbeuf
75008 Paris

+33 (0)1 44 31 40 00

Menu: around 48 EUR