Basque pelota

traditional sport
Basque pelota

A traditional sport, where Basque villages play for glory.

Every village of the region, on the coast or inland, has its own fronton wall, on which pelota is played. The sport exists in different variants.

The cesta punta is among the best known, and probably the most impressive. It is practiced with a wicker glove: the chistera, which is still made, shaped and woven by hand by regional artisans.

The fronton often stands in the heart of the village, and everyone comes out to cheer on the new generations of players. The aitatxis "grandfathers" in Euskara keep score, often singing in Basque.

This traditional sport pits Basque village teams against each other, but also draws teams from Béarn, Soule, and throughout France. The greatest champions participate in world championships around the globe, from Miami to Mexico City.

For the curious, pelota demonstrations are offered on the fronton of Biarritz, close to the Mazon park. Initiations (beginners' session at 1:30 pm) and internships (3 to 5 days) for adults and children are organised at the Parcs des Sports Aguiléra by the Biarritz Athletic Club.

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