Atelier Julien Truchon, the art of shaping the earth

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Atelier Julien Truchon, the art of shaping the earth

For 13 years, Julien Truchon has been working with clay in the village of Patrimonio. Introduced into the world of ceramics as a child, Julien learned from his father, Andrew.

After a potter's diploma from Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye (Burgundy) awarding a rigorous and intensive training, Julien Truchon continued his vocation and his trade, learning from recognised professionals. He then perfected his art with Japanese potters from Bizen, outside Okayama. With orders from regional, national, and internationally renowned restaurants, he now applies himself to designing dishes.

During your visit, discover a workshop with a long history and a showroom combining unique items, such as pots, bowls, plates, vases and incense burners, while trading talk with the master of the house about his expertise and inspirations. A visit placed under the sign of curiosity.

Atelier Julien Truchon
Lieu-dit Campo d'Elge
20253 Patrimonio

+33 (0)4 95 36 22 67