At Byakuan, udon is returned to its glory

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At Byakuan, udon is returned to its glory

Near the Kanzaki River in Osaka, Byakuan endeavours to make high-quality udon, the traditional and very popular dish in Japan.

With a simple wooden front, the facade recalls the small and typical restaurants often found on Japanese streets. Udon lovers come to Byakuan moving a half-curtain aside to reveal what is on the inside: an intimate environment that offers 20 seats, in which families are rubbing elbows with “salarymen” – those suited workers who embody modern Japan – and groups of friends. They all meet there to enjoy this classic of Japanese gastronomy, made of thick noodles and cold or hot broth. The pasta is homemade in the most traditional manner possible. As for the other ingredients, the owners have made sure to pick them locally and of the highest quality: the kombu, an edible seaweed, comes from Hokkaido, the pink tuna from Kōchi and the sardines used to prepare the broth are directly bought from local fishermen. Thus, the chefs have come closer to the umami (the Japanese “savoury” 5th basic taste) with udon that reveal incomparable and authentic flavours.

6 Chome-12-7 Niitaka
Osaka Prefecture 532-0033

+81 (0)6 7656 5292 

Menu: udon from 520 JPY