Antico Arco, gastronomical pilgrimage!

contemporary cuisine
Antico Arco, gastronomical pilgrimage!

Head over to Rome's eighth hill, for a subtle reinterpretation of Italian cuisine.

Arco Antico is a restaurant at the height of the culinary world. Only fitting then that it is located on the hill of Janiculum, the highest point of Rome.

An unobstructed view awaits you. What a reward for those who come to this restaurant, stripped down and of contemporary elegance! With cream-coloured brick walls enveloped by subtle lighting, the room gives out a comforting, cocoon-like atmosphere.

As for the food, it is simply astounding. Chef Patrizia Mattei creates Italian cuisine awakened here and there with a few modern touches. Seabass carpaccio with mango, codfish with lemon and asparagus, red snapper ceviche and creamy burrata risotto… the combinations walk a tightrope between tradition and fantasy, right through to the alternating hot and cold dessert.

Antico Arco
Piazzale Aurelio 7
00152 Roma

+39 06 581 5274

Menu: around 46 EUR