Andalouses beach, blue lagoon

Andalouses beach, blue lagoon

The Algerian coast, and in particular near Oran, is less known than its other Northern African counterparts. Despite being one of the most beautiful along the Mediterranean…

Leaving Oran, you will drive up the coast road along small inlets through nature yet untouched. No resort hotels, no housing estates… just sheer beauty.
The Andalouses beach owes its name to the refugees that landed there when fleeing Spain. Sand is soft, water temperature ideal, and sea sprays melt with the smell of pine trees. Sea bathing there for the first time is absolutely divine.
When feeling hungry, you can drive a little bit further down the road. Cabins and outdoor tables start to pop up and invite you to stop and sit. Slowly but surely, beach restaurants and water sports have appeared, and if you fancy jet skiing or surfing for an afternoon, it is now possible.