An Irish stroll on St. Stephen's Green

An Irish stroll on St. Stephen's Green

St. Stephen's Green is a favourite park of Dubliner families and Trinity College students, too.

In the late afternoon in any season, after a day of travel or work, it does wonders to stroll through this nine-hectare Victorian park. Once past the arch that marks the main entrance, the feeling of open space is followed promptly by a feeling of relaxation. Here, on the rich, wet lawns, groups of students converse while eating lunch.

There, a couple of young Dubliners on a bench read under the shade of an old oak.

On Saturday, there is dancing to the tunes from the kiosk. Remember that the park is full of secret pathways that justify its exploration. In the northwest corner, a ‘blind' flower garden challenges you to recognise the different smells. Further north, the murmur of a waterfall should lead you to the coveted edges of a body of water animated by the indolent dance of birds. Elsewhere, a promenade along the outer edges of the park is lined with statues of figures from Irish folklore.

Saint Stephen's Green
St Stephen's Green
Dublin 2

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