An inspiring retreat at the Kurayado Iroha ‘ryokan'

An inspiring retreat at the Kurayado Iroha ‘ryokan'

This boutique hotel, located just steps from the famous red Torii on the island of Miyajima, perfectly combines tradition and modernity.

Almost entirely pedestrian, Miyajima Island hosts many tourists who make the crossing for the day (a fifteen-minute boat ride from Hiroshima). In the evening, the island takes on another face: the deer frolic freely, roaming at their own pace through the shopping streets. The Kurayado Iroha ryokan (traditional inn) radiates design and contemporary style. On the programme: relaxation, baths, and divine dishes. There are 18 rooms in total, half of which are decorated in a traditional spirit, with Japanese tatami floors and walls, others with Western beds.

Hanging in the closet, your yukata (light kimono) awaits. You need to put it on to go to the baths and for dinner in the hotel. The renowned onsen has indoor and outdoor baths for men and for women, open from 6:00 a.m. until midnight. The Japanese like to bathe two to three times a day. After this wellness break, it is time for the pleasures of the senses with fine dining and dishes that are prepared as true works of art.

Kurayado Iroha
589-4, Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi-shi
Hiroshima Prefecture 739-0559

+81 (0)8 2944 0168

Rooms: from 42,120 JPY