Ambohimanga: in the footsteps of the Malagasy people

Ambohimanga: in the footsteps of the Malagasy people

A historical site emblematic of Madagascar, Ambohimanga offers a great escape through the culture and spirituality of the Red Island.

To reach out and touch the secular culture of the people of Madagascar, head to Ambohimanga, the ‘Blue Hill', one of the twelve sacred hills that surround Antananarivo. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ambohimanga offers, through its royal city and its burial and sacred sites, a route that reflects the spirituality of the island. Like the cult of kings and ancestors, these traditions have shaped the identity of the people of Madagascar since the 15th century.
In the fortifications, entered through magnificent stone gates, the tour continues in the shade of fountains, palaces, and sacred pools. These majestic places are frequented by many pilgrims, who rub shoulders with passing visitors. A symbol of a complex culture, this beautiful architectural ensemble offers a particularly exotic journey through time.

Royal Hill of Ambohimanga (Rova d'Ambohimanga)
Ambohimanga 103

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