Admire Edinburgh from the top of Arthur's Seat

Admire Edinburgh from the top of Arthur's Seat

Scots and tourists alike brave gale winds to enjoy the hill's magnificent 360-degree views of the city and its surroundings.

Arthur's Seat stands out impressively when viewed from many parts of the city. It is located atop an extinct volcano some 350 million years old, where an archaeological site revealed signs of human activity (notably tools made of flint and stone), up to 7,000 years before our time. This spectacular 251-m hill in the centre of Holyrood Park is a particularly popular walking destination, especially on weekends. The steep climb is no easy task-it takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach the top-but the spectacular panorama is well worth it.
Several routes up are possible, but the east side, from St Margaret's Loch, is the most advisable. The payoff at the peak is the breath-taking view, especially on summer evenings: the sunsets are magical. For the descent, go to the south side through Duddingston, where you can pop into the famous Sheep Heid Inn tavern, with its lovely lawn-bowling pitch.

Arthur's Seat
Holyrood Park
Queen's Drive
Edinburgh EH8 8HG

The Sheep Heid Inn
43-45 The Causeway
Edinburgh EH15 3QA
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