A therapeutic dive into Lake Vouliagméni

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A therapeutic dive into Lake Vouliagméni

On the southern outskirts of Athens lies an aquatic jewel wrapped in the rocky outcrops of Ymittos. Dive into the healing waters of this lake.

Nestled between the caves and cliffs of a famous Athens mountain range, the waters of Lake Vouliagméni warm the hearts and bodies of the many bathers who come to benefit from their therapeutic properties. If the Greeks are assured that this body of water possesses powerful medicinal properties, it is because it is constantly stirred by the ocean breeze - the shore of the Saronic Gulf is 100 metres away - and replenished by underground hot springs. These waters with multiple benefits for health and the beauty of the skin are concentrated in calcium, potassium, sodium and lithium. Finally, the inhabitants of the lake, the Garra Rufa fish, will come and help you gently exfoliate. Let yourself be cradled by the tranquil setting and indulge in the luxury of a morning coffee in the hollow of the limestone rocks of Ymittos. About 25 km from Athens, this unique spa experience is also easy to access by car or by bus.

Lake Vouliagméni
Poseidonos Avenue
166 71 Vouliagméni

+30 210 896 2237 / +30 210 896 2239