A music-lover's stroll at the Frederic Chopin Museum

A music-lover's stroll at the Frederic Chopin Museum

The life and works of the famous composer, on view like a musical score.

The ghost of Chopin is on every street corner of Warsaw. Does he not appear magically at your side in your selfies, thanks to a mobile app? On the Royal Route, benches even play some of his most famous compositions, and of course you can see one of the many concerts dedicated to his works offered all around town.
You will discover the intimacy of Frederic Chopin in this museum dedicated to him. Located in the magnificent Ostrogski Palace, rebuilt in 1954, the museum shows many images of the composer around his Pleyel piano in Paris where he played the last two years of his life. The ‘musical key' to your visit? A magnetic card delivered at the entrance that will allow you to navigate the multimedia scenography. With headphones on your ears, you can hear, for example, Chopin reading a letter from George Sand or soak in the Polonaises, Mazurkas and other Ballades. A wonderful musical journey.

Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina
Palac Gnińskich
Okólnik 1
00-368 Warszawa

+48 22 441 62 51