A market of small producers… in a tendy bar

A market of small producers… in a tendy bar

Better known for its wild nights, the Szimpla Kert bar turns into a producers market on Sunday.

On Saturday night, revellers invade the Szimpla Kert bar. On Sunday morning, local ‘bobos' do their shopping. It's a neat turnaround for this court of miracles from which Cinderella may seem to have escaped. The legendary Szimpla Kert was one of the first romkert (literally “ruin bars”) to open in the Erzsebetvaros neighbourhood. Built around courtyards and patios, the building is filled with bric-a-brac furniture where a bath has been transformed into a sofa, grandmother lamps provide warm light, an old bike is ‘parked' on a wall covered with graffiti, and there is a vintage fussball (that still works!). With shots of vodka and pálinka (the local fruit brandy) to be enjoyed in moderation, foreign tongues ​​are loosened. On Sunday morning, Hungarian takes over. While tourists are still sleeping, the locals come to fill their baskets with provisions (blushing tomatoes, tasty cheeses, jams to die for) from small producers from this local market with live music. Pay a visit without further ado!

Szimpla Kert
Kazinczy utca 14
1075 Budapest

+36 20 261 8669