A dazzling address in the heart of the Briere marshes

A dazzling address in the heart of the Briere marshes

Just 45 minutes from Nantes, chef Éric Guérin offers both an exquisite table and an atypical hotel of great comfort in a peaceful natural reserve.

Take the time to enjoy an extraordinary experience between Nantes and La Baule, away from the bustle, far from the fashionable standards, in a delightful, unclassifiable place, which is the creative culmination of a chef's passion. Nestled in the green countryside, the house seems to deliver a message of peace and wellness, of real character that plays naturally with humour and poetry. If the weather is good you can enjoy an aperitif in the garden, but be vigilant to ensure that the crowned cranes do not come to peck at your appetisers. This first experience in the extraordinary garden keeping company with restaurant's resident wild birds is alone an exceptional moment. But it is through his cuisine that Éric expresses his emotions with singular creativity. He produces "dishes that heckle" transcribing the world and its news in assemblies of original flavours: ray fish cheeks in three wild rices, apricot pickles and flower butter, silurid fish from the Loire river in Guérande sea salt, melon ceviche with regional sprouts and lemon, or even pork wrapped in lettuce and served with honeyed potato blinis. Dining there is an experience to renew without moderation.

La Mare aux Oiseaux
223 rue du Chef de l'Île
44720 Saint-Joachim

+33 (0)2 40 88 53 01


Menu: around 55 EUR