48 Urban Garden: outside inside

unusual – terrace
48 Urban Garden: outside inside

This quirky restaurant is out of this world! It does away with the barriers between indoors and outdoors, and even has nature growing on the tables.

Adjoining the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre, the 48 Urban Garden restaurant was designed by a duo of young female architects from the AK-A Studio. The room is divided into several areas and continues without any break on to a terrace. This forms an ensemble that is landscaped like a garden, where plants grow everywhere. The green-coloured bar accentuates this impression of nature. Small bouquets of herbs are also placed on the tables. These, like the chairs, benches, and armchairs are wooden and evoke outdoor furniture. This “raw” feel is accentuated by the kitchen, which is installed in a metal Airstream caravan. Vegetables are grown in the restaurant's kitchen garden and picked on site. The kitchen‘s focus on freshness is evident in its dishes, from the Indonesian chicken skewers through to the caramel candy floss and hazelnut cookie. In the evening, come in for a cocktail. They are all excellent.

48 Urban Garden
Armatolon & Klefton 48
114 71 Athens

+30 213 028 1866


Menu: around 20 EUR