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Departing from
Round-trip fares or one way
Africa / Indian Ocean
Africa - Indian Ocean
Dakar 417 EUR RTN
Malabo 460 EUR RTN
Luanda 492 EUR RTN
Johannesburg 546 EUR RTN
Miami 399 EUR RTN
New York 408 EUR RTN
Montreal 412 EUR RTN
Boston 453 EUR RTN
Asia / Middle East
Asia - Middle East
Tehran 298 EUR RTN
Dubai 329 EUR RTN
Beirut 414 EUR RTN
Hong Kong 429 EUR RTN
Caribbean Islands
Havana 527 EUR RTN
Punta Cana 529 EUR RTN
Pointe-a-Pitre 545 EUR RTN
Santo Domingo 586 EUR RTN
London 165 EUR RTN
Prague 170 EUR RTN
Berlin 170 EUR RTN
Rome 171 EUR RTN
Paris 48 EUR OW
Paris 97 EUR RTN
Nice 170 EUR RTN
Toulouse 181 EUR RTN
* These fares are subject to special conditions and/or availability.